Tuning Services

A piano is a stringed instrument. The strings are made of steel and are under considerable tension. Most pianos have about 200 to 235 strings and each string exerts about 165 pounds of tension. This translates to about 18 tons of string tension throughout the average size piano. The strings are wound around tuning pins that are driven into the pin block. When a piano is tuned, the tension on the strings is increased by tuning the threaded tuning pin tighter. 

Ideally, pianos should be tuned to concert pitch or A440. This means that A above middle C on the keyboard should vibrate at 440 cycles per second.  If you don't have your piano tuned regularly, you are neglecting an extremely sensitive and expensive instrument. Not to mention the fact that it could sound better.

If it has been several years since your piano has been tuned, a knowledgeable and experienced tuner is required. Much damage can be done to a piano that hasn't been tuned regularly if the tuner tries to pull it up to pitch incorrectly. A neglected piano must be brought to pitch gradually and then repeated. This could mean two or more weekly tunings before the strings stabilize. Since this could run into costly tuning bills, it pays to keep your piano in tune even if you do not play it every day.

In the average home a piano should be tuned once a year. If the piano is used every day and is in good condition, it should be tuned every 4 to 6 months.

Milford Music Center's qualified piano tuners will give your piano the same thorough attention they give all the pianos here on Delmarva. All of our tuners have 40 plus years experience and our satisfied customers have scheduled annual tunings with them.  To set up a schedule that fits your needs, please complete our Request for Service form on the Contact Us page. 

Maintenance contracts for your piano or player system relieve you of worry and provide years of excellent performance from your instrument.  Contact us today for details by calling 302-422-2300 or email us at


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Piano Moving

Milford Music Center
offers the best piano music services with motorized equipment and ramps. our movers have had over 30 years of experience moving the precious instruments. Your piano is guaranteed to be delivered safely to your destination.
Flexible Financing

Milford Music Center is proud to present Delmarva's most flexible piano rental program.  With a small investment and no term rental contract you can have the piano you need delivered to your home, office, or recital facility.  You can rent for one time, a month or as long as you like.

The most exciting part of our month-to-month program is that it gives you the chance to use the piano you are considering purchasing.  At the same time if you choose, you can either purchase for your home or purchase any piano of equal or greater value we have in stock.

We also provide flexible financing terms, including affordable 12-month and 90-day (same as cash), no cash down options and layaway plans.  Let's talk and see how we can help you have the piano you have always wanted.
If you have kids starting lessons or haven't found that perfect piano yet, then stop by our showroom and check out our current inventory.
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